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Making Memories
since 2000​

Imagine all the places in the world that you want to visit.


Now imagine all those dreams becoming reality.


Better yet - Imagine sharing all of these experiences amazing experiences with the important people in your life!

This is what I've been helping my clients do since 2000 when I created Vacationkids - a travel agency dedicated to family vacations. My team and I have been sending parents and kids off on exciting adventures together all over the globe.


As word got out, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends wanted in on the fun. Small multi-generation vacations quickly turned into family reunions and fundraising events.


Our Vacationkids grew up into brides, grooms and business leaders. They knew our mad travel skills and trusted us to create their destination weddings and corporate events.


Over the years my team and I have honed our skills evolving from that of a typical travel planner to event producers. 

Hello!     I'm Sally Black
Founder - VIP Group Travel Events/Vacationkids
Author - Fearless Family Vacations -Make Everyone Happy Without Losing Your Mind


How We Can Help You...


  • Unique Experiences - Make your events memorable by engaging everyone in new experiences, exploring and interacting with each other in new surroundings and most importantly, finding ways to connect even deeper with the ones you love. We know how to build customized events that strike a perfect balance.


  • You Don't have to be Rich To Travel Like a VIP - You don't need to have a celebrity budget to travel like a rockstar! Most people are surprised when they learn how group discounts and buying power can bring them VIP travel experiences with a very affordable budget. Often group leaders travel free. So stop dreaming and start traveling!


  • Put the FUN in Fundraising - We can help make your group travel idea a lucrative, annual event either for profit or to donate to your favorite charitable cause.


  • Bring People Together - Not only do we help you create and build camaraderie with your guests and help with travel logistics, we can help you get the word out with "smarketing" - social media and great marketing.


  • Create "Family Friendly" Corporate Events - Increase employee engagement by creating effective corporate and incentive events that are family friendly. Employees can immerse themselves in meetings knowing their loved ones and children are enjoying themselves.


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