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Planning a Group Travel Event

"How Many people do you need to be considered a group?"

Generally 10 hotel rooms or 20 adults traveling together is considered a group and qualify for group rates and perks.  That said, some private tours can be arranged for little as 8 people/4 rooms so it all depends. Just ask us because we can help you with individual reservations too. Often one person will book a room, start inviting family and friends along and before you know it, we have a flash group!



"How far in advance do I need to start planning my event?"

It is best to start planning group travel events at least 1 year in advance for the best success. Some highly motivated groups can be planned with less time but usually compromises will need to be made.



"Why does it take so long to plan a group travel event?"

Time is needed to check availability, negotiate your best interests, secure contracts, arrange dinners and activities. Often your guests will need advance notice to arrange their schedules in order to attend.



"Do You Charge for your Services?"

We are happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together. Moving forward, we charge a service fee of $500 that will be applied towards the group leader's deposit. This fee covers our time spent on research, negotiations, building your groups personal booking website and helping you create additional marketing materials necessary for the success of your group.  If your group does not materialize or cancels for any reason, then this service fee will not be refunded and considered payment for our time and services.



"What about travel deposits - How much is needed?"

Airlines, hotels, cruise ships, transportation services and destination event planners may all require deposits for your group. We often suggest that leaders of smaller groups anticipate paying for their trip in full, upfront, in advance. These monies will act as a deposit and hold space for others in your party. Leaders can then expect to be reimbursed for any free travel, profits or fundraising upon account settlement after returning from your event. For large corporate events and full ship charters payment plans will require insurance, bonds, or Letter of Credit. 

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